Calm in the storm

You visit my mind without notice. When I least expect it.

How do you do that?

I wonder.

I don’t understand how your eyes chained my heart. How every turn leads all back to the moment we met. Unexpected. Unplanned. Sudden.

I thought you were just another distraction but something in you never fails to make my heart quiet.

It doesn’t skip a beat. Nor it beats a little faster. With you, it is the calmest heart I had. So calm that I always want to sleep and free my mind. Listening to your music. To let my eyes be lost in yours, until it closes. Until I dream of it.

Do you feel it too? It always seem like you want me to talk to you but I just want to savor the silence between us. I just want to stare and listen to you a little bit longer. Never wanting to let go. Never wanting to interrupt the silence between us.

My silence. I am planting with yours. Investing the calmest moments with you.

After everything, my heart rages with longing. Tsunami tides turned into ever flowing waves. Nothing cannot undo the current.

That only your presence calms the storm in my heart.

Disclaimer: Photo from tumblr


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