Sorry. I was never good enough.

Well sorry for not being the daughter you wanted me to be.

I have feelings too, you know. But it doesn’t seem you have observed.

Sorry for being such a disappointment that all I wanted and did in my life was to pursue your freaking approval. That until now I have never gotten.

I wish I will get hit by a bus or anything like it tomorrow. Maybe later. Then go straight to hell for being the least good daughter you will ever meet. I really wish I will just disappear and be gone forever so that you could go on with your lives and never be worried that I will ruin everything for you.

Sorry for messing up in everything and never lived up to your freaking expectations.

I am sick and tired for choosing always your happiness over mine. Because that how selfish and ungrateful I am. That is how I chose to end my life. To be the most selfish and disrespectful person.

I promise to never show you how I truly feel. I promise to never talk to you again. I promise to always pretend everything I am. To be everything I am not.

Thank you for bad mouthing in my face. Thank you for showing me who I truly am. Thank you for waking me up in this nightmare. That waking up from a nightmare is like your still in the nightmare but worse. Thank you for letting me feel that. Thank you for letting me feel that I will never be good enough. Thank you for saying those words that will forever echo in my mind. And for that I always remember. Thank you because I have always lived my life according to what you always wanted but never enough to your liking. Thank you for always making me feel regret. For every decision that I made. For all the things I did. To the point I regret even my own life. For even being born.

Thank you so much.

Sorry for letting you down. Sorry for my existence.



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