So much for waiting

I waited all these years.


Disclaimer: Image not from the author

Maybe, I waited too long for you that I missed my chance. Maybe, all my friends were right. Maybe, that was your ultimate move but I failed to see it. I failed to see how you struggled to say those words. I failed to hear them as much as you meant them. I thought that it was only because we were best friends.


Damn right. We were best friends. And I thought it will just be like that for the rest of our lives.


So why am I sulking that you moved on from our friendship? Why do I feel a tinge of resentment every time I see your face.


Why do I feel freaking jealous?


I almost took the risk of telling you the exact same words I’ve been wanting to hear for the past 10 years. Yet, I chickened out.


Because I know you. I know you well enough that you will brush it off like I did back then.


I am not good with subtle hints. Sure, I can see them but I never took them as your “hints” because you never confirmed them.


So, maybe I was the girl who waited too long and missed her chance.


So much for waiting.


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