I had a dream.

When I woke up, I felt so warm and giddy inside; as if something real and good happened.

As I tried to recall every detail of my dream, I slowly lost parts of it in my mind.

His skin darkened like that type you get after you spent your afternoon at the beach without sunscreen on.

His hands so soft but firm at the same time. He held my hands gently, reassuring me everything is going to be okay. That I will do great. Like I was caught panicking over something I shouldn’t have. I found myself hearing him and sitting with him, face to face, with our legs crossed. Like we were Indians and we were in a deep meditation

(He took my hands. Told me to close my eyes and think of happy thoughts)

Like some kind of bad tv reception, I can’t remember his face. It’s as if my brain automatically blurred that part so I will let this dream go.

Yet, it’s been quite a number of months and I can still recall that moment. And I can’t just let it go.



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